Alex City is a quiet place to live in. Although Lake Martin gets most of the attention, the growing pest population is a matter of great concern. Set your focus on protecting your family’s home and thriving business. Procrastinating to take precautionary measures opens the way for a terrible infestation to develop. It’s a well-known fact that rodents and insects can wreak havoc on people’s health and can weaken the soundness of structural elements. That’s why the pest exterminators at Pest Pro Services spare no effort to prevent and end problems associated with infestations in the Alex City area.

Residential Pest Control

Your Alex City home can’t be left unguarded. All types of outdoor creatures stand ready to invade the place where you sleep and take care of your loved ones. They require food and shelter to survive and reproduce, and they won’t stop trying to get these two things. Therefore, we are here to stop them in their tracks. Every critter is unique in some way, but we can handle the challenge because we are trained on how to deal with the many critters in Alex City. After a deep inspection, we will carry out a comprehensive treatment that targets the specific species that’s causing you trouble. With our deterrents in place, your Alex City home will no longer be suitable for pests.

Commercial Pest Control

There’s a strong possibility that your Alex City business will suffer majorly if an infestation springs up. We don’t want you to worry about this, so we will provide you with a personalized solution. Pests, like rats and ants, spread germs and filth wherever they go. We counteract this issue by using our tried-and-true methods and treating buildings thoroughly. To keep your business in Alex City free of critters, count on us to stay on top of your pest control needs. We excel at protecting all companies, including restaurants and doctors’ offices as well as grocery stores and schools.

We Fight the Battle for You

Pests don’t go down easily. You can use over-the-counter pesticides to kill the creatures you see, but their colonies and offsprings will still exist. The good news is that our comprehensive services are designed to eliminate every trace of an infestation. Bugs can’t live and reproduce in a pest-proof building, especially when we are your go-to exterminators. Let us help you when you first encounter these pesky threats:

You will be a priority as soon as you become a customer at Pest Pro Services. We care about your safety and your peace of mind. Call us today to get a free quote on your Alex City home or business.

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