As a locally owned and operated pest control service, PestPro Services provides a personal experience. We won’t outsource you to a large call center or send out different technicians every time; especially on the same job. We want to get to know you and you us. You’ll always know who you’re talking to and who’s providing service. We ensure you have the best technicians for the pest control job you need done in Deatsville. Ongoing education is a must for every technician and specialization for specific forms of pest control; not just a show-up and spray once a month. 

Plans are available for effective treatment of your space that you can afford. Call us today for all your pest control solutions. 


Residential Pest Control in Deatsville, AL

Your home is your largest investment. If it’s lacking pest control maintenance then you could risk losing your home over time or losing a lot of money. It’s not just termites and rodents that cause structural damage; ants can do the same. PestPro Services Deatsville, Alabama, and the surrounding areas for all home-invading pests. Using safe and eco-friendly, residential pest control extermination processes, we protect your home from top to bottom and from the outside in. We have you covered from mosquito guard so you can enjoy your garden, to ants. Ants in the home can cost you hundreds of dollars on food replacement and do outside damage which can cost thousands to repair. 

We’ll identify the species and exterminate them correctly and long-term accordingly. Just spraying indoors with at home ant control methods are costly over time because they are ineffective long-term. The queen and the original nest must be located and could reside well beyond the perimeter of your property. 

Mosquito Control in Deatsville, AL

Mosquitos not only force you indoors causing you to waste the yard you pay to upkeep, but they transmit diseases. Dengue fever, equine encephalitis, and Zika which attacks the human reproductive system are but a few. PestPro Services stops mosquitoes from holding you captive in your own home. You work hard to pay for all your property and you deserve to use it. Call us now for your mosquito control solutions.

How We Protect Your Home From Mosquitos 

We have both short-term and long-term mosquito control. Call us a day before any gathering or yard event and we’ll get it done so your guests can enjoy the yard without taking home bites and risk disease. For the long-term treatment, a technician inspects the property for the hot spots where mosquitoes congregate. Once found, we treat those areas at the adult mosquito stage. That’s not where it stops. The larvae will go through several stages before becoming adult, biting mosquitoes. We stop them right there with a long-lasting active extermination which acts in a natural way to halt the reproduction process at every stage. 

Larvicide is used and spread to other mosquitos which stop maturation and any reproduction of new mosquitos that come in contact with the solution. This method is used when the moisture around your property can’t be controlled permanently. Call us today and let’s get your mosquitos controlled. 

Ant Control in Deatsville 

Ants seem harmless enough, but they aren’t . They can cost you anywhere in the range of hundreds of dollars to thousands to replace food after contamination or to repair structural damage. That’s right, ants can chew up a home as well, it’s not just termites.  Ant control in Deatsville is very important due to the weather and other environmental factors that make your home a prime thriving environment. We have ant control technicians that identify the ant species to exterminate them properly. The spraying in the home where you spot them is not enough. That’s where they end up, but we get them where it counts–where they begin; which can be far from the house. This is why DIY ant control is not sufficient long-term and will cost you more over time. 

Your home is your largest investment–don’t turn it over to pests. Call us today for your Deatsville ant control solutions. 

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