With hot, humid summers and mild winters, Eclectic, AL, and the surrounding area is a very hospitable environment for pests of all species. Ants, wasps, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks are most prevalent in the warmer months. Cooler weather usually brings relief from flying and crawling insects but often causes mice, rats and other unwanted pests to seek shelter indoors. That’s why you need to know a reliable Eclectic pest control company.

We here at Pest Pro Services are highly familiar with the unique pest control needs of property owners throughout this region, and we look forward to becoming the company that you count on for regularly scheduled pest control services all year round.

Eclectic Pest Control

Our Eclectic pest control services come highly recommended by our current clientele. We start out by conducting a detailed inspection of the entire property in which we look for places where pests are already located or are likely to move in. We then employ a variety of means to get rid of the pests that are there and to prevent future infestations.

Our pest control services may be performed inside the residence, around the surrounding property or in both interior and exterior locations as needed. We also take the time to advise the household on possible ways to avoid further problems by getting rid of pest food sources, removing standing water and sealing cracks and other openings in the structure.

Commercial Pest Control

The commercial pest control services that we provide are aimed at meeting the specific needs of various types of businesses. We offer Eclectic pest control service plans designed for churches, restaurants, retail stores, office buildings and other commercial entities. We also strive to accommodate the schedules of our business clients by delivering our services at times that are convenient for them.

We want every client to have a home or commercial property that’s comfortable and inviting, and we do our best to make that happen by eradicating, removing or controlling pest infestations.

Specialty Services

Our main focus is keeping Eclectic, Alabama homes pests free but we noticed that even when pests are eradicated there is still work to be done. So we began to offer additional services to become a one stop shop for everything and anything pest control related.

Specialty Services We Offer:

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