While you can encounter a range of pests that will get into your home or office to cause harm, some are worse than others. Termites and bed bugs are two of the most feared insects and are not easy to manage or eliminate, and many people learn this fact the hard way. If you have spotted these insects near your home or place of business, taking fast action is the key to overcoming the threat before you face lasting damage. Also, commercial clients face additional complications when pests strike, but turning to a proven team will combat the problem and provide peace of mind.

Termite Treatment in Millbrook

Nobody wants to think that a termite invasion could happen to them, but these invaders can strike at the worst time. Termites can live and thrive in wooden walls and floors for many years if the property owners don’t know how to spot the red flags of a termite invasion. Without the right approach, termites will cause structural damage and expensive repair fees. If you suspect that you have termites and are not 100 percent sure, look for mud tubes and sagging walls. Since termite swarmers can fly, discarded wings near your windows and doors are signs that you can’t afford to ignore when you want peace of mind.

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Bed Bug Control in Millbrook

Although collective pest control efforts almost pushed bed bugs to extinction, the small parasites have come back for revenge. Some people believe that bed bugs only invade dirty homes and businesses, but that is far from the truth. The pests will get into any building that provides them with access to a human host. Bed bugs will create their nest near your bedroom in most cases, but you can find them in all areas of a building.

Standard pest control solutions won’t always get the problem under control, but a caring team can handle the threat faster than you once thought possible. Because bed bugs get harder to control when their population grows, investing in proper treatment at the first sign of trouble is the smart move. Don’t let your Millbrook home fall prey to these nasty insects, get our premier bed bug control services now!

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Commercial Pest Services for Millbrook Businesses

In addition to dealing with the problems faced by homeowners, businesses have a few more risks they need to consider. Businesses are at risk for reputation damage if they don’t contain pests before customers spot them. When a customer sees a bed bug, termite or another type of pest in a restaurant, hotel or office, the customer can take a picture and upload it to one of the many review sights on the internet.

It won’t take long for people to notice the pest problem and avoid the location, harming the business’ bottom line. If the local health department spots pests, it can issue citations or force the business to close, depending on the severity of the problem.

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When you understand how much damage a long-term pest infestation can cause, you will know why getting help right away is the best move. Whether you are dealing with termites, bed bugs or something else, enlisting the touch of a pest control professional at the first sign of danger will work wonders. If you need a team on which you can depend at every turn, Pest Pro Services will have your back and get the job done right. You can pick up your phone and give us a call with your questions and concerns, and we will point you down the right path.

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