Termite Control in Alabama

Locally owned and operated, Pest Pro Services has been providing termite control for more than 10 years. We pride ourselves on value, quality and excellent customer service. Our treatments and services are customized to meet the needs of your home and your particular type of termite infestation.

Termites can cause irreparable damage to your home or business. They only need the food, shelter and moisture of your home to survive, and they eat 24 hours a day. Termites cause up to $5 billion annually, which is more than floods and other natural disasters. In addition, most home owner policies do not cover termite damage.

While all termites are destructive, size and living environment are the main differences in the various types of termites. The three main types are subterranean, drywood and formosan. It is difficult to differentiate one type of termite from another, so it is always a good idea to call a licensed professional to determine the best way to treat the infestation. 

Termite Identification

Subterranean termites are the most common, and most destructive, type of termite. They live in underground colonies and build mud tubes to reach food sources. They can also be found in secluded and damp areas above ground.

Drywood termites are usually larger than subterranean termites. They live in wood where there is very little moisture such as in an attic. Piles of sawdust are typical signs of a drywood termite infestation.

Formosan termites, a type of subterranean termite, live in the warm climate of the southern part of the United States. They invade wood directly from the ground or by using mud tubes constructed from the soil.

Trelona® ATBS Advance® Annual Bait Stations

Termite baiting stations are strategically placed around your home, giving you peace of mind, your home is protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While tunneling in search of a food source, termites find a Trelona ATBS bait station, feed, then leave a pheromone trail behind them as they travel back to the colony. Upon returning to the colony to the colony, they share the bait with others and recruit more termites to follow the pheromone trail back to the source.

What they don’t realize is the bait contains Novaluron-an active ingredient that prevents the termites’ vital process of molting. Over time, more and more termites will have fed upon the bait and start to die, beginning the process of colony elimination.

In one university study, it took termites only 8 days to find the Trelona ATBS stations, while it took over 30 days to find the leading competitor’s stations.

Trelona® ATBS Advance Termite Bait Stations are designed to:

  • Find termites faster
  • Provide ongoing structural protection through colony elimination
  • Cut down inspections, with only one a year keeping termites away

Trelona® ATBS Advance Termite Bait Stations have an impressive track record of outperforming the competition; in terms of finding termites faster and keeping your home or business termite free. Through a superior design, the proven performance sets a high bar for termite prevention and removal.

Termidor HPII Injection System

We also take pride in using the Termidor HP II Injection System to improve the effectiveness of our termite treatments. Using this breakthrough technology allows us to apply our termite treatments up to 90% faster, with minimal disruption to your home or business.

Some of the benefits of the Termidor® HPII Injection System include:

  • No digging and minimal drilling, allowing treatments to be 90% faster conventional application methods.
  • Highly efficient, saving you time.
  • Termidor is precisely injected into the soil to create zones of protection around the home. Minimal disruption to your landscape or patio.

Effecive Termite Control in Montgomery, AL

You can count on our termite control service to rid your home of any type of termite. We use a liquid termiticide that creates a barrier around the entire house. If there is ever a need for local treatment inside of the house, you can feel secure that we will eradicate the source of the termite infestation. Our treatments meet all local and federal regulations, and they are environmentally safe.

We offer a damage protection warranty. If your home is infested with termites that cause damage to the home, we cover the cost to fix that damage as well as the cost to eradicate the termite infestation.

Regular inspections are imperative to keep your home free from termites. If you are in need of termite control services, please contact Pest Pro Services today.

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